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"Your fight against spam just got easier"

- November 30, 2005 - Spamphibian Gateway implementation By outspring

This product designed to eradicate spam and other unwanted email with virtually no false-positives (good email mistaken as spam). can quarantine, flag, delete or bounce unwanted email and is compatible with practically every email server and ISP.
Spamphibian Gateway running at is a spam fighting solution that is setup between an organization's email server and the rest of the Internet, evaluating all incoming emails. In addition to spam, unwanted emails can also contain attachments with viruses, spyware, adware and phishes. The content of unwanted emails constantly changes. outspring and has a team of spam analysts who collect, qualify, and create rules for the thousands of new variations of unwanted emails on a daily basis. Subscribers to Spamphibian Service will automatically receive frequent rule updates.  No further action is required. rules are designed to avoid false-positives to prevent Spamphibian Gateway from stopping good emails from reaching end-users.

"outspring Statement"
"We wanted to create something like the Barracuda product (, but for Mac OS X",yet powerful enough to stop most spam." Spamphibian utilizes a database of spam identifiers which is continuously updated by outspring and staff of spam analysts. Outspring and processes thousands of emails every day to find new spam identifiers. Spamphibian receives automatic database updates, without the need for installation or configuration. database also contains identifiers to detect scam ("phishing") emails and virus attachments. By comparing email to the continuously updated identifier database, Spamphibian can effectively counter the latest filter evasion techniques used by spammers.
Spamphibian gives complete control and management over spam. Spamphibian provides a detailed summary report that enables our administrator to fine-tune email threat strategy, respond quickly to unique threats, and implement changes with a minimum of day-to-day management.
Note, This product does not require that the user maintain their own email server or does not require to host your email. can configure Spamphibian to filter email prior to delivery to your ISP. can work with your host to implement this spam fighting solution.


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