DNS-based Block Lists (DNSBLs)

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DNS-based Block Lists (DNSBLs)
daytoncreative.net uses the following International Blocklists to refuse incoming email
from known spam sources and identified spam relayers. Our mail servers check all
connecting server 's IP address against these blocklists:

Active DNSBL On smtp2.daytoncreative.net Description
bl.spamcop.net SpamCop
sbl.spamhaus.org Spamhaus Block List (SBL)
cbl.abuseat.org Composite Blocking List (open proxies)
opm.blitzed.org Blitzed Open Proxy Monitor (BOPM)
proxies.blackholes.easynet.nl Easynet Open Proxy List
list.dsbl.org Distributed Server Boycott List (trusted)
relays.ordb.org Open Relays Database (ORDB)




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