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VM hosting - Virtualization

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Our solution to high-performance VM hosting.

Your Problem - "Dedicated servers: Inflexible, expensive and inefficient"

Our Solution - "DC Virtualization"

Scale on the fly, Why make capital investments in rapidly depreciating hardware,

An application’s infrastructure should be the high-performance engine that drives the business forward, but all too often it’s a logistical and financial anchor. Dedicated servers are large, inflexible building blocks, making it difficult to precisely match infrastructure to requirements, This leading to wasted investments in hardware and software.
They’re frequently under-utilized, with costs tied up in half empty drives and idle processing capability. They’re time-consuming to deploy, limiting your ability to rapidly respond in an on-demand world. And they’re expensive to replace, leaving your application tied to last year’s model while new advances pass you by.

DC Virtualization: The next generation hosting platform.

Servers and storage are available on demand, allowing you to upgrade on granular incremental capacity according to your business needs. Meaning you make no capital investment in rapidly depreciating hardware.

Let us provide you the most robust hosting solution you have ever seen.

Included with all vm hosting.

1. Two Dedicated IP address's
2. Operating System or System's of your choice.
2. Daily Back up's
3. Upgraded Hardware as we expaned.
4. Support you can speak with 24 hours - 365 days a year.

Give Me a call today,

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Bryan McNabb





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